When it comes to service and satisfaction, customers need to know that the Bugmaster organization is team number one. Garden pest removal and other various pest exterminations are the life blood of the organization. The commitment each and every employee has for their work habit, ethics and product is superlative. When representatives are on the scene and something turns out not to be to a customer’s satisfaction, the promise is to make it right. This promise comes from the top man President Daufin Ewert and it is absolutely consensus on every tier within our network. That includes the Vice President Joe Cantu and the supervisors, managers and service representatives that work for the clients. This level of perfect is ready to go at either the Austin or Temple location.

About four times a year, homes need professional inspection for pests and infestation. Taking a good look over the grounds while hauling out the trash or burning some barbecue in the back yard is not good enough. Naturally, there may be questions about what this company can do about pest control and what is expected of the customer. Questions like, is mosquito protection one of the services available from bugmaster? Yes, is the answer. Some customers wonder if they need to be home during a pest control visit. That answer is no. Another popular query surrounds the subject of fleas and ticks on pets. The bugmaster professionals get rid of them without a doubt. The wait before treated areas are safe for family and pets is about an hour to let the chemicals dry. In most cases, customers see a reduction in pests within the first forty-eight hours of treatment. This is usually not a problem for most customers where yard pest control is needed.

The Bugmaster business model rests on the cornerstones of pest and rodent control. When it comes to pest control, this business wipes out ants, fleas, roaches, mosquitos and scorpions without mercy. However, the job is done without any harm being done to habitat or environment. Any rodents causing problems for good people and their home meet the same fierce destruction. This goes for rats, mice, squirrels, bats and raccoons. Bedbugs, termites and any annoying birds all go bye-bye permanently after a house call from the Bugmaster. All anyone has to do to solve their pest problem is contact the company via the web or by picking up the phone. There is no need to call any other Austin pest control company.

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