Electricity just got easier with Zonesty

In a free market, competition reigns and since the deregulation of electricity in Texas, competitors have been vying for a monopoly on the market. From commercial business to homeowners, electricity providers are constantly looking for new customers while the customers are looking for ways to lower their monthly expenses. Without spending hours online, consumers can find the necessary information to make a decision regarding their energy agreements. For those living in the Texas cities of Dallas and Houston, electricity just got easier with Zonesty, a different kind of energy broker.

The founder and CEO, Shawn Goheen developed Zonesty to provide not only great service to those searching for lower utility rates but also to perpetuate market competition. “It’s a format that breeds competition among the providers,” said Shawn Goheen, Zonesty’s Chief Executive Officer. “Zonesty creates a more competitive playing field for the energy providers in that they have to compete for customers by presenting their best pricing. With Zonesty, they are under the spotlight, right next to their competitors and ultimately the consumer wins a better electricity plan.” The consumer wins and the electric companies are forced to a higher standard.

Zonesty is designed to provide a true comparison, rather than present low rates with hidden fees. The entire Zonesty concept is Honesty and Transparency, which Shawn Goheen adds, puts customers in a more advantageous position than if they were to use a traditional energy broker or attempt the comparisons on their own.

Skip the long and tedious process of switching power providers and utilize Zonesty as the smartest and fastest option for finding a lower rate. Not only can potential customers choose from the top utility providers, it is possible to lock in a low rate for the home or commercial property. Zonesty offers quality customer service and some of the lowest rates around. It is possible to enjoy finding a new energy company when signing up through Zonesty.com

By Shawn Goheen